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16.-19. května

Book World Prague 2013
19. international book fair and literary festival

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Jiri Theiner Award

The prize is named after the man who for many years was editor-in-chief of the magazine Index on Censorship. It is awarded by BookWorld Ltd., a company of the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers, to a living person or active institution operating abroad who or which by their or its acts or long-term endeavours has made a significant contribution to the dissemination and promotion of Czech literature abroad. The prize is connected with a financial award of £1000.

The first Jiri Theiner Award was conferred in 2011 at the BookWorld Prague international book fair and literary festival to the Polish scholar of Czech, writer and translator Andrzej Jagodzinski. In its very first year the Award established its importance for Czech literary culture as a whole and the promotion of the work of compatriots and colleagues abroad in particular; the professional and lay publics in the Czech Republic took a warm and considerable interest in the Award.

The second Jiri Theiner Award will be conferred ceremonially on Friday, 18 May at the 2012 BookWorld Prague international book fair and literary festival (Palace of Industry, Prague-Holešovice Exhibition Grounds).

Nominations may be made by representatives of the professional public (e.g., publishers, librarians, university staff, institutions or media concerned with literature and book culture). A nomination must include the full name or title of the nominated individual or organization, plus an address at which the nominee may be contacted and reasons why the nominee is deserving of recognition. Nominations made in 2011 might be repeated.

The winner will be chosen by a five-member committee appointed by BookWorld Ltd. Pavel Theiner, son of Jiri (George) Theiner and donor of the financial award, is a permanent, honorary member of the committee. The committee is chaired by Dr Lenka Jungmannová of the Institute of Czech Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The closing date for nominations is 15 February 2012.